Richy Drums is a remote online tracking service offering you an easy and affordable way to get live drums in your music. Performed by a session drummer with 15+ years experience and recorded by his engineer Richy Drums can help bring your musical to life with custom bespoke drums.



Step 1
Send your guide track  along with the tempo and any notes on your song


Step 2 

We will hit the studio and lay down that beat 

Step 3 
Receive your drum tracks played with style and edited with care ready for your mix

(alternative takes can be provided giving you more options)




£190 per song 
Up to 16 track tracks 
High quality studio recording
MIDI/Trigger data provided if requested 
100% satisfaction 




Download a free stem example 

- FAQ - 

Q. How many tracks do I get? 
A. Up to 16 tracks depending on what you need

Q. Will your tracks work in my D.A.W?
A. We offer 24bit 44.1hKz .Wav files ready to load into any audio workstation 


Q. I want to add samples as well can I get the midi data?
A. You sure can! anything you need 

Q. What gear are you using?
A. We've a collection from microphones the classics including Sm57, Audix d6, Shure M5

but we also embrace new techknowledge such as the Slate VMS ML1 

all recorded with Focusrite preamps